Digital Realty Global Cloud Marketplace

Digital Realty is proud to announce the Global Cloud Marketplace (GCM). This marketplace will offer business of all sizes easy access from Digital Realty's global portfolio of networked data centers to a cloud brokerage, enabling instant provisioning of on-demand, burstable cloud services from cloud service providers, such as cloud servers, cloud storage, and cloud software.

For more information on how your business can Build Here with Digital Realty, visit:

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Case Study: Strengthening Retail Operations

Leading global retailer needed a provider with facilities in two geographies, and onsite services such that they could consider locations far from their headquarters.

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Forrester Research Report: Strategically Locate Your Next Data Center

Forrester’s new research report, Strategically Locate Your Next Data Center, highlights one of the top trends we are seeing with clients. The two key takeaway from the report are 1) customer-centric service design starts with your physical footprint, and 2) success depends on holistic orchestration.

It goes on to describe how location restraints are disappearing and recommends how to design your ecosystem to support dependable service delivery, and perhaps most importantly, it suggests aligning site selection criteria to future customer and business requirements.

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Consider Colocation

As A Key To Your Holistic Data Center Strategy
by Sophia I. Vargas, July 25, 2014 | Updated: August 4, 2014

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Webinar Replay: The State of Cloud and the Data Center

Listen to a 45-minute webinar replay featuring special guest Dave Bartoletti, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, Inc.

The webinar explores topics such as:
How should IT managers be thinking about private, public, and hybrid clouds?
What are the key considerations and decision points regarding which workloads are best suited to the cloud?

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Build Here. Digital Realty.

The data center is more than a room. It’s a blank canvas for you to build your biggest dreams and make your ambitions a reality. So the only question is: what will you build? Build Here. Digital Realty.

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Enda Kenny TD, leader of the Irish Government on Digital Profile Park

Enda Kenny TD, leader of the Irish Government, explains that Digital Realty’s commitment to investing in Ireland with their latest data centre ‘Digital Profile Park’, is an important signal to the world that Ireland remains a key location for investment and growth and outlines the Government has a clear plan to make Ireland even more attractive for enterprise.

For more information visit:

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Case Study: Financial Services

A Millisecond Makes A Big Difference

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Build Or Colocate?

The ROI Of Your Next Data Center
by Rachel A. Dines and Sophia I. Vargas, August 20, 2013

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Data Center Demand Survey Results

Study commissioned by Digital Realty and conducted by Forrester Research, Inc.

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